It is in our national interest that every American have quality, affordable health care.

Our quality of life, our strength, and our prosperity depend on it. As Congressman, I will move beyond the partisan debate over health care policy, to work with others to agree on some basic principles, and solve the problems that plagued health care reform. I believe that:

  • No American should suffer or die from preventable or treatable illness.
  • No American should be unable to make ends meet from out-of-control medical bills.
  • No business should go under or lay off employees because it can’t keep up with health insurance premiums.

I’ve listened to residents from across this district and the message is loud and clear. That’s why as Congressman, I will push to legislate a health care system that ensures all citizens, regardless of income, occupation, or health status receive the healthcare they rightfully deserve.

I will work to defend Medicare and Medicaid, to ensure young people can stay on their family plan, and prevent discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions, and ensure veterans swiftly get the care and benefits they’ve earned. I will fight to ensure all Americans have access to preventative care, which will save lives and taxpayer dollars.

I will defend women’s access to contraception and a woman’s right to choose and fight any legislation or executive action that would allow insurance companies to discriminate against women.

I will go to work to ensure that health insurance premiums don’t cripple small businesses or force them to lay off employees.