I am committed to doing everything I can to build our economy in Iowa.

I believe everyone who works a job should receive a fair wage that pays enough to raise their family and live with dignity and purpose.

Our economy should strengthen our Nation and work for every Iowan. Working families should not have to choose between paying the light bill or feeding their children. That’s why I will push to raise the federal minimum wage.

I’m no stranger to hard work, and I believe that if you work hard you should be able to get ahead, and stay ahead. That’s why I stand with unions in defense of prevailing wages and economic security. I know that unions have been responsible for building the middle class and that organized labor is critical to our Nation.

In recent years, our farming industry has seen tremendous growth, yet, small farmers continue to struggle in many rural communities in Iowa.

I support investments in rural small business, improving the agriculture infrastructure that hinder farmers’ ability to farm their land and keep up with Big farming. As Congressman, I will push to expand development tax credits, increase funding for new farmers, and promote clean energy. Most importantly, I will work hard to gain the trust of rural Iowans and advocate on their behalf.