I currently serve as an active member of the Cedar Rapids Police Chief’s Advisory Committee; my experiences as an investigator who has successfully investigated crimes in large and small communities, have given me keen insight in understanding the issues affecting our community and first responders. That’s why I believe when it comes to crime in America, we need to rethink our priorities.

Violent crimes and crimes against people of color are becoming more prevalent, yet we spend billions locking up nonviolent offenders.

As congressman, I will work to give law enforcement the tools and resources they need to take down criminals, and I will work to reduce mass incarceration of nonviolent offenders. I will fight against policies that disproportionately jail low income offenders who cannot afford bail because it punishes taxpayers, fuels the school to prison pipeline, and wastes American lives. I am in favor of community policing strategies that gain public trust and ensure law enforcement agencies have affective means of addressing community concerns.